This is a brief history of a band called Nasa, who first appeared (as far as I know) in a Swedish movie called G from '83, and were also featured on the soundtrack... The track is called "Nattens Drömmar", and is credited to P.Henzel - M.Thors - M.Fylking.) 

The band was made up of Patrik Henzel, Martin Thors and Jonas Zachrisson, with Patrik Henzel being the driving force behind the band. (First time I recall seeing his name was in a Swedish magazine called "Okej" where he was thanked for providing the info about what synthesizers Howard Jones used at a concert here in Sweden...) 

In 1985 they released their first single, "Paula",  which was a catchy synthpop tune with an excellent melody.  The second single was called "Stockholmssommar" and is as far as I know, the only Swedish track to be recorded under the name Nasa (apart from "Nattens Drömmar" from the 'G' soundtrack). The album "Power Of The Century" eventually followed and received no (or very little) attention from the media... 

They released a couple more singles from the album with 12" singles to match and in 1987 they returned with a new album called "In The Mist Of Time". Just after the release of the album, one of the members, Jonas Zachrisson, decided to leave the band. 

Their "final" release as Nasa (back in '87) was the single "The Bird" which ironically enough was to provide them with their biggest chart success. The cover work of the 12" featured the names of all the members of their fan-club... 
(A video was made for the single by  "Video Grattis", a chart television show of the time.The video was featured on the show but I haven't seen it since... The show was aired on August 23:rd 1987) 

I have a "The Bird" single containing a press release from their record company. There it says that the (then) upcoming name change had to do with the band getting ready for a U.S release and the U.S record company (Columbia) thought that the name "Nasa" had a bad ring to it after the Challenger accident.... 

There were rumours that the band were going to be called "Walkabout" in the U.S but I haven't managed to get that confirmed. 

When the press release was written, the band were in the U.S recording the new album. It was to be produced by Robert Margouleff (who I only know as a remixer of  Depeche Mode's "But Not Tonight"). He has apparently also produced several Stevie Wonder albums and produced Wilson Picketts come-back album back in 1986. 

The "new" album was to have featured old Nasa tracks and was supposed to have come out in 1988. 

Apparently the band were offered a very good record deal and set about recording the album. The record company boss who had signed them got a new job, and the following boss didn't think they were worth the time and effort so after the album was completed the master tapes to the U.S album were banished to the Columbia vault to collect dust....  (This story ,in Patrik Henzels words, can be read on the Echoes Down The Hall CD) 

What a sad end to, what could have been, something good..... 

Another single was however released under the name Nasa to coincide with the release of "In The Mist Of Time" on CD. The "mastermind" behind the whole band, Patrik Henzel,  had returned to the studio and remixed one track and rerecorded another for the CD release. 

In 1989 Patrik Henzel and Martin Thors teamed up for a one-off album calling themselves (surprise,surprise) Henzel & Thors. According to Patrik Henzel, this record was originally written completely in English, but was later translated into Swedish. The english versions only exist as demo copies in the hands of Patrik himself...  They started off with a single called "Sov Gott" (which contained a demo version of a track from the up-coming album on the b-side). The single received a bit of airplay on Swedish radio but they eventually drifted off into oblivion. Two more singles were eventually released from the album but they received very little attention from the record-buying public. Two of the single releases (Sov Gott & Desertören) from this album got videos made for them aswell. Each of the three singles featured non-album tracks on the b-sides...   And this more or less completes the history of Nasa !! 

Well, many years passed by until the guys were asked by independent label Memento Materia if they were interested in releasing a compilation CD. After several months of waiting the CD Echoes Down The Hall was released in the autumn of 1998. 16 songs of which two were unreleased versions of old tracks. At the time of this release I was hearing rumours that the band would be recording a new album and maybe even rereleasing the Power Of The Century album on CD. These rumours were further fueled by a Memento Materia label sampler containing the catalogue number of the supposedly upcoming POTC. Unfortunately for the fans, this release (CD Memo 033) has yet too see the light of day. 

In October of '98 Nasa got together to perform their first concert in 11 years. This historic one-off event took place at Club Arnold in Lund and it can't be called anything else than a success. The crowd sang along like there was no tomorrow and we who were there even got a taste of things to come in the shape of a few new tracks.

April of '99 saw Nasa taking to the stage again, this time on the main stage at Sweden's prestigious SEMA awards (nowadays called SAMA awards). Old and new tracks were performed to the delight of the audience.

The single Back To Square One was released around this time and was even backed up by a promotional video. 

The album Remembering The Future met the record-buying public in the late summer of '99 to mixed reviews. While most agreed that it was genre changing, the album did't quite get the attention from the media that it deserved. The single Nexterday was slated for a late autumn '99 release and finally showed up on the market in April 2000. Late Spring of 2000 saw Dave Richards of U.S label Ninthwaverecords sign Nasa for a U.S deal. No singles are as yet slated for release in America.


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